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Hello all,

We trust that you are all well and enjoying the lovely summer weather we are having, but at the same time we are very thankful for the rain we have from time to time.  May Father also wash away all the unwanted bits in our lives and bless us with His grace daily J


Congratulations to everyone celebrating their birthday this month. 

May it be a happy & blessed year


Unfortunately, winter is on the way and we ask that you start topping up on the vitamins.  We hope that our little ones will not be too ill this winter with the sniffles.  Scotch Emulsion works quite well and is affordable.


Looking forward to our fairytale / fantasy on 14 March (Details in Communication book)


PLEASE do not send sick children to school (especially with diarrhea as it is highly contagious).  As per the Health Department sick children cannot be accepted.


PLEASE NOTE:  Calls will be put through to teachers after 10:00.   Teachers are unable to complete lessons and activities due to the many telephone calls and interruptions.  If it is an emergency, speak to Tammy and she will give the Teacher a message. Thank you for your co-operation and understanding!


There are bays provided outside for your convenience.  Please make use of it and respect another people’s property. (DO NOT PARK IN FRONT OF A GATE EITHER).  THANK YOU!


FRIENDLY REMINDER – Kidz @ Play will be closed on 21 & 22 March 2019. This gives the staff some much deserved time to spend with their families. 😊


Our photo’s have been taken and are always stunning, but does take time J please be patient until it arrives.



“I wanted you, I appointed you. I set you where you are.” John 15:16

Have a wonderful, blessed and safe March.


Lots of love,

Lynn, Brenda & the Team.