URGENT NOTICE                                                                                                             

Dear Parents

The last 48 hours have been very challenging to say the least. After the State of the nation address on Sunday evening and taking into consideration the severity of the Coronavirus; we were left with no choice but to close, as per government’s declaration of a national disaster.

We have taken into account that this has placed many of our parents in a difficult situation, but we have no alternative option, our children, parents and staff’s health is our first priority.

In saying this there are also financial ramifications that need to be considered during this time. In order for us to try and accommodate parents on a financial basis by making up time, we will from our side be cancelling the planned holiday from the 21st – 25th of September (as per our year plan) We will be running a full academic program during the June/July holiday. We would prefer that all students attend school, as in the past we have had very few students at school during these holidays. This will give us the opportunity to catch up any work lost during this shutdown.

SMS’s will also be sent out during the course of the shutdown with tasks that we are hoping you will do with your little ones to keep them busy.

Please note, your school fees will still be due and payable during this compulsory shut down as our commitment to our staff and school still remains the same.

Please be responsible in playing your part in curbing the spread of this virus, listen to the news and media alerts. Stay positive and remember all things can be overcome with hope, faith and a good attitude.

We love you all and may God’s hands be over every one of our families and loved ones.

We will stay in contact as much as possible for any new updates and please let us know that you are okay. Emails can be sent to info@kidzatplay.co.za.

Much love & blessings