‘sOur Schools are Private School that offers a good foundation to your child’s educational development

1 Year to Grade R


At our School we always try and have fun, whether it’s whilst learning in the class or playing on the playground, we incorporate fun and laughter into every teachable moment throughout the day, our kids are always encouraged to enjoy life and embrace each new adventure that comes their way. Our teachers and support staff inspire your little one to be the best that they can be at all times.

Comprehensive Pre-School Programme

Excellent EDUCATIONAL Programme

Stimulating play in Creative Activities

Motivational Activities

Progress Reports * Work files * Fun Yearly concerts * Graduation ceremonies * Yearly X-mas party * Fun days


Our Grade R curriculum is inline with many other Private Schools. Our graduates are therefore easily accepted and able to fit in and go on to excel at any of the ‘Big Schools’ they choose. Kidz @ Play is registered with relevant Departments.

Extra mural Activities

Soccer * Computer Lessons * Swimming * Dancing